Reinventing Video Advertising


Ebuzzing Social Your campaigns within social networks

Ebuzzing Social is our video advertising solution, which delivers advocacy, conversation and sharing.

Our semantics technology allows us to track all the conversations happening on blogs, Facebook and Twitter and identify the most influential users in any segment. Your video is distributed transparently within the most influential environments to maximize engagement.

At Ebuzzing Social we:

  • Offer the most innovative, user-initiated video formats on the market
  • Leverage our network of 15,000 social publishers
  • Using our Ebuzzing Labs platform which crawls over 2 million data points daily, we can target the most engaged audiences, across multiple verticals and multiple screens
  • Only charge you when your audience chooses to engage with your content and watch your video
  • Stimulate conversation by placing videos in deep integrations within a site's natural user experience
  • On average, we deliver 22% earned media on top of our campaigns.
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Sitting within our global in-app publish network, M-social delivers engagement, sharing and user-initiated views on a cost per view basis.

Our Ad Formats

All of our ad formats enhance your audience's viewing experience, providing seamless, integrated stand out brand experiences powered by our cutting-edge technology and our proprietary social targeting tools. Plus all our videos benefit from the Ebuzzing share bar. Social buttons are overlayed onto your video, allowing for increased interaction and sharing.


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